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Into the Ring by derianl
Into the Ring
Marvel's Daredevil, or simply Daredevil, is an American web television series created for Netflix by Drew Goddard, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films of the franchise, and is the first in a series of shows that will lead up to a Defenders crossover miniseries. The series is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios, DeKnight Productions and Goddard Textiles, with Steven S. DeKnight serving as showrunner on the first seasonDoug Petrieand Marco Ramirez taking over for the second, and Goddard serving as consultant.
Charlie Cox stars as Matt Murdock / Daredevil, a blind lawyer-by-day who fights crime at night. Daredevil entered development in late 2013, a year after the film rights to the character reverted to Marvel, with Goddard initially hired in December 2013. DeKnight replaced him as showrunner and Cox was hired to star in May 2014, with Deborah Ann WollElden Henson, and Rosario Dawson also starring. Additional season one stars include Toby Leonard MooreVondie Curtis-HallBob GuntonAyelet Zurer, and Vincent D'Onofrio, while Jon BernthalÉlodie Yung, and Stephen Rider join the cast for season two. Filming takes place in New York City, in areas that still look like the old Hell’s Kitchen.
All episodes of the first season premiered on April 10, 2015. They were released to critical acclaim, with critics praising the action sequences, performances, and the darker tone compared to other properties set in the MCU. On April 21, 2015, Marvel and Netflix renewed Daredevil for a second season, due to premiere in 2016.

 Matt Murdock / Daredevil:
A blind lawyer who becomes the hero Daredevil.[4] Season one showrunner Steven DeKnight stated that "He's not super strong. He's not invulnerable. In every aspect, he's a man that's just pushed himself to the limits, he just has senses that are better than a normal human's. He is human." On the character's "grey" morals, he said, "He's a lawyer by day, and he's taken this oath. But every night he breaks that oath, and goes out and does very violent things. I really liked the flawed heroes, the human heroes."[5] The character's Catholicism plays a large role in the series, with DeKnight calling him "one of the most, if not the most, religious characters in the Marvel Universe".[6] Cox, who was raised Catholic, explained that "You grow up steeped in that. If you’re in church, standing in front of the altar, you sort of automatically know how to respond. It all kicks in – you genuflect, you sit in the pew. I didn’t have to pretend any of that.”[7] Cox worked with blind consultant Joe Strechay,[8] and was conscious of what his eyes were doing at all times, to ensure they would not look at or react to something unlike a blind person.[9]Skylar Gaertner plays a young Matt Murdock.[10]
Black Panther (Comics) by derianl
Black Panther (Comics)
The Black Panther (T'Challa) is a fictional superheroappearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and penciller and co-plotter Jack Kirby, he first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966). He is the first blacksuperhero in mainstream American comics, debuting several years before such early African-Americansuperheroes as Marvel Comics' the Falcon and Luke Cage, and DC ComicsTyrocBlack Lightning, and Green Lantern John Stewart. The Black Panther was ranked the 79th greatest comic-book character by Wizard magazine. IGN ranked the character the 51st greatest comic-book hero.[1] Chadwick Boseman will play the Black Panther in several scheduled films as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Black Panther is the ceremonial title given to the chief of the Panther Tribe of the advanced African nation of Wakanda. In addition to ruling the country, he is also chief of its various tribes (collectively referred to as the Wakandas). The Panther habit is a symbol of office (head of state) and is used even during diplomatic missions. The Panther is a hereditary title, but one still must earn it.
In the distant past, a meteorite made of the (fictional) vibration-absorbing mineral vibraniumcrashed in Wakanda, and was unearthed. Reasoning that outsiders would exploit Wakanda for this valuable resource, the ruler, King T'Chaka, like his father and other Panthers before him, concealed his country from the outside world. T'Chaka's first wife N'Yami died while in labor with T'Challa, and his second wife Ramonda was taken prisoner by Anton Pretorius during a visit to her homeland of South Africa, so for most of his childhood T'Challa was raised by his father alone.[30] T'Chaka was murdered by the adventurer Ulysses Klaw in an attempt to seize the vibranium mound. With his people still in danger, a young T'Challa used Klaw's sound weapon on Klaw and his men, shattering his right hand and forcing him to flee.[31]
T'Challa was next in line to be the king of Wakanda and Black Panther, but until he was ready to become the leader of the nation, his uncle S'yan (T'Chaka's younger brother) successfully passed the trials to become the Black Panther. While on his Wakandan walkabout rite of passage, T'Challa met and fell in love with apparent orphaned teen Ororo Munroe, who would grow up to become the X-Men member Storm.[32] The two broke off their relationship due to his desire to avenge his father's death and to become the type of man who could suitably lead Wakanda, but they would see each other over the years when they could.
T'Challa earned the title and attributes of the Black Panther by defeating the various champions of the Wakandan tribes. One of his first acts was to disband and exile the Hatut Zeraze—the Wakandan secret police—and its leader, his adopted brother Hunter the White Wolf.[33] He sold off small portions of vibranium to scientific institutions around the world, amassing a fortune which he used to arm himself with advanced technology.[31] Later, to keep peace, he picked dora milaje ("adored ones") from rival tribes to serve as his personal guard and ceremonial wives-in-training. He then studied abroad for a time before returning to his kingship.
In his first published appearance, the now-adult T'Challa invites the American superhero team the Fantastic Four to Wakanda, then attacks and neutralizes them individually in order to test himself to see if he is ready to battle Klaw, who had replaced his shattered right hand with a sonic weapon.[34][35] After the ruler makes proper amends to the superhero team, the four befriend and help T'Challa, and he in turn aids them against the supervillain the Psycho-Man.[36] T'Challa later joins the Avengers,[37] beginning a long association with that superhero team. He first battles the Man-Ape while with the group,[38] and then meets the American singer Monica Lynne,[39] with whom he becomes romantically involved. He helps the Avengers defeat the second Sons of the Serpent, and then reveals his true identity on American television.[40] He encounters Daredevil, and reveals to him that he had deduced Daredevil's true identity.[41]


The Panther eventually leaves his active Avengers membership to return to a Wakanda on the brink of civil war, bringing Lynne with him. After defeating would-be usurper Erik Killmonger and his minions,[42] the Panther ventures to the American South to battle the Ku Klux Klan.[43] He later gains possession of the mystical time-shifting artifacts known as King Solomon's Frogs.[44]These produce an alternate version of T'Challa from a future 10 years hence, a merry, telepathicPanther with a terminal brain aneurysm, whom T'Challa places in cryogenic stasis.
Later, while searching for and finding his stepmother Ramonda, the Panther contends with South African authorities during Apartheid.[45] T'Challa eventually proposes and becomes engaged to Monica Lynne,[46] though the couple never marry.
Years later, the Panther accepts a Washington, D.C. envoy, Everett K. Ross, and faces multiple threats to Wakanda's sovereignty. Ross assists him in many of these threats. In gratitude, the Panther often risks much for Ross in return. The first threat he and Ross encounter is 'Xcon', an alliance of rogue intelligence agents backing a coup led by the Reverend Achebe.[47] Afterward, Killmonger resurfaces with a plot to destroy Wakanda's economy. This forces T'Challa to nationalize foreign companies.[48] Killmonger then defeats him in ritual combat, thus inheriting the role of Black Panther,[49] but falls into a coma upon eating the heart-shaped herb—poisonous to anyone outside the royal bloodline, which had a hereditary immunity to its toxic effects.[50] T'Challa preserves his rival's life rather than allowing him to die.
Later, T'Challa finds he has a brain aneurysm like his alternate future self, and succumbs to instability and hallucinations. After his mental state almost causes tribal warfare, the Panther hands power to his council[51] and hides in New York City. There he mentors police officer Kasper Cole (who had adopted an abandoned Panther costume), an experience that gives T'Challa the strength to face his illness, reclaim his position, and return to active membership in the Avengers, whom he helps secure special United Nations status.
T'Challa then helps his old flame Ororo Munroe reunite with her surviving family members in Africa and the U.S.[volume & issue needed] He shortly afterward proposes,[volume & issue needed]and the two are married in a large Wakandan ceremony attended by many superheroes.[52]One of the couple's first tasks is to embark on a diplomatic tour, in which they visit the Inhumans, Doctor Doom, the President of the United States, and Namor, with only that last ending well.[53] After the death of Bill Foster, the Black Panther and Storm side with Captain America's anti-registration forces.[54] During the end battle between both sides, the Wakandan embassy in Manhattan is heavily damaged, though no Wakandans are hurt.[55] After the confrontation, the Panther and Storm briefly fill in for vacationing Fantastic Four members Reedand Sue Richards before returning to Wakanda.[56]
Upon returning to Wakanda alone, leaving Storm in New York to aid the X-Men, Black Panther faces Erik Killmonger, defeating him with assistance from Monica Rambeau (a.k.a. Pulsar).[57]Afterward, Wakanda fends off the alien shapeshifters the Skrulls, who had infiltrated as part of their "Secret Invasion" plan to conquer Earth.[58] Prince Namor attempts to recruit T'Challa for the Cabal, a secret council of supervillains. Attacked by the forces of fellow Cabal member Doctor Doom, T'Challa is left comatose.[59] His sister Shuri is trained as the next Panther, with the mantle passing onto her officially after T'Challa awakens from his coma and attempts to recover from his injuries.[60]
In the aftermath, T'Challa loses all of his enhanced attributes given to him by being the panther totem. As a result, he works with his sorcerer, Zawavari, to accumulate a replacement.[61] He has since made a pact with another unknown Panther deity, returning his attributes to an even higher level as well as placing incantations on his body, making himself highly resistant to most magic and mystic assaults. This has all been done in preparation for the imminent battle with Doctor Doom,[62] which culminated in T'Challa rendering all of the processed vibranium inert to give his people a chance to rebuild without their dependence on the element.[63]

Stepping Stone by derianl
Stepping Stone
was born on April 29, 1985, and celebrated her 30th birthday during the events of the Intelligence/Special Victims Unit joint operation to apprehend a serial rapist, killer, and arsonist (portrayed by Dallas Roberts).[2][3]
Little is known about Lindsay's early childhood except that her biological father, who is in prison, abused her and her mother Bunny was a drug addict. She has a half-brother, Teddy Courtney, who was taken by a pedophilia ring at age 13 and was found by NYPDdetectives ten years later working as a male prostitute.[4][5]
Lindsay grew up on the street and by the age of 14, she had already been arrested 5 times on charges including misdemeanor, simple battery, retail theft, solicitation, and unlawful possession of cannabis. At some point in her early teens, she became then-Detective Hank Voight's CI. Later, Voight took her in and raised her like a daughter. When she was 16, Voight had her enrolled in St. Ignatius College Prep for a new start, however the girls at the school quickly found out about her past. St. Ignatius made a deal with Voight that if Erin was in a fight, she would be expelled. Erin opted to tolerate the bullying instead of disappointing Voight.[6] Because of this, she is closer with Voight than the other members of the unit.
Lindsay didn't attend college, but instead went straight into the police academy after high school. After graduation, she spent four years on the west side of Chicago as a patrol officer, which she said was all the education she needed.[7]
One of her first weeks in uniform she caught a young boy shoplifting. The boy took it out from his pocket and put it back. She got whatever she was getting and then heard gunshots she ran outside and saw the boy lying dead on the ground while two men drove off. She still feels guilty about this and tells Lieutenant Kelly Severide about it.
In season 1, she dated CFD firefighter Lieutenant Kelly Severide from Chicago Fire and was one of the lead detectives investigating the kidnapping of Severide's half-sister Katie. She has a close working partnership with Detective Jay Halstead that could develop into something more personal later on. However, Voight has strictly forbidden any non-professional relationship between the two. This is partly due to Lindsay's implied commitment issues stemming from her rough childhood. Lindsay has compassion for vulnerable young people as she can relate. She tries twice unsuccessfully to get a 17-year-old prostitute and heroin addict, Nadia, to enter drug rehab. In "A Beautiful Friendship", Erin has successfully helped Nadia with her drug addiction and helps her get a job as the Intelligence Unit's civilian administrative aide.[8]
In "Conventions", Lindsay strikes up a friendship with Detective Amanda Rollins, of the NYPD Special Victims Unit.[6] The two partnered up again during the joint-Chicago/New York City investigation into a pedophile ring.
In "8:30 PM", Lindsay is attacked by a suspect that had connections to the bombing. He threatens to hurt her with a knife but she is rescued when firefighters Cruz and Mills blindside him from behind and free Lindsay.
In "Chicago Crossover", Lindsay is injured by a cyclist while in pursuit of a suspect with connections to a pedophile ring. Voight urges Lindsay to go back to Chicago and rest as she has concussion.[4]
In "Called in Dead", Lindsay takes a job with a federal task force,[9] and in "We Don't Work Together Anymore", she is deputized as a DEA task force officer.[10] In "Disco Bob", Lindsay becomes disillusioned with the task force, with its seemingly-endless bureaucracy and the menial tasks her handler assigned to her (she was to spend a number of weeks with the target's wife, simultaneously pumping her for information and keeping her out of the task force's way), leading her to resign and return to the Chicago PD and Intelligence.[11] While on the task force, she consummates her relationship with Jay.
In "Daydream Believer", she takes the case personally when Nadia becomes one of Greg Yates victims. She is still slowly recovering. She believed that she got her killed.
In "There's My Girl", she is still trying to process Nadia's recent death.
In "Push The Pain Away", Erin wakes up hungover at her mother's after a wild and drug fuelled night with a guy she knows from her childhood, Landon. Voight shows his concern for her stating that she looks like she's been up all night. He's afraid she will fall back into old habits. Even Platt tries to talk to her but she doesn't seem to care. She still blames herself for Nadia's death. Later in the episode, a gun is pointed at her by Nick, a boy who has lost his cousin due to a mass shooting. She tells him to shoot her over and over again but her talking causes him to lower his weapon. Erin walks away from Voight after that.
In "Born Into Bad News", the guilt is too much to bear so she starts spiralling out of control. She hooks up with an old friend and does drugs and drinks in excess, causing her to be late for work repeatedly which doesn't go unnoticed by Voight. At the end, while grieving over Nadia's death, she decides to leave the department when Voight confronts her in her mother's bar. Despite his attempts to get her to stay in the department, she still continues with her decision at her mother's discretion. She hands Voight her badge and he leaves her in the bar.
In the premiere of season 3, Jay finds Erin after a hard night of partying and confronts her about giving up her badge. She dismisses his concerns, walking away. Later in the episode, Jay is kidnapped and tortured. It is demanded that a female officer brings all the CI files to the kidnappers in exchange for Jay's life. Voight clears Erin to do the drop, giving back her badge temporarily. He reminds her it's only for one day. Erin does the drop, taking falsified CI files instead of the legitimate ones. When the false files are discovered, the kidnappers order Jay to be killed in front of Erin. Both Lindsay and Halstead fight back, with Erin shooting the kidnapper. Halstead tells her that he's glad she's the one that was sent in. At the end of the episode, Erin tells Voight she wants to keep her badge. Voight agrees but under three conditions. She moves back in with him, does weekly drug tests and severs all ties with her mother. Bunny tries to get back at Voight by turning in "evidence" incriminating Voight of supposedly providing a false statement to put James Beckett in jail for robbery and triple homicide; this later backfires on her when Voight and his colleagues were found to be innocent and Beckett had actually been shortchanged by his partner-in-crime. Lindsay returns to her apartment a month later, after proving her sobriety and earning back Voight's trust. After some hesitation, she decides to rekindle her relationship with Halstead and they go public with their relationship for the first time by kissing at Molly's.[12]
Magic Bullet by derianl
Magic Bullet
Malia Tate is a werecoyote, a member of Scott's Pack, the adoptive daughter of Henry Tate and his late wife Evelyn, and the love interest of Stiles starting in Season 3B. She also has an unnamed deceased younger adoptive sister. In "Letharia Vulpina", however it's revealed Peter is Malia's biological father. Malia's birth mother is an assassin only known so far as the Desert Wolf.
At age 9, Malia was presumed dead for eight years from a car accident that claimed the lives of her mother and her younger sister. She was actually alive, fully transformed as a coyote. On the night of the car crash Malia had shapeshifted on a full moon. Her shift had supposedly caused the accident, and killed her mom and sister in the process earning her blue eyes by taking innocent lives. In the Season 3B premiere "Anchors", Sheriff Stilinski reopens the case under a suspicion a supernatural may have been involved, and Scott and Stiles discover Malia in the woods. In the episode "More Bad Than Good", Scott uses his Alpha roar to have Malia return to human form. Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles bring her home and she is reunited with Henry. After eight years as a coyote in the wild, Malia is very in touch with her animal side, is rather brash, quick to fight, and tends to speak her mind. She initially struggles academically and shows little regard for social etiquette. As the series progress, Malia readjusts to her humanity.
In "Echo House", Malia is interned at Eichen House sanatorium. There, she sees Stiles who has voluntarily committed himself. When he walks up to Malia, she punches him. Malia tells Stiles she is unhappy as a human, because she now lives back with her father and can't tell him that she killed her mom and sister, and Scott's Alpha roar has caused her to remain human and unable to fully transform again. Stiles, who needs access to the basement for information regarding the Nogitsune's connection to Eichen House, specifically the kanji "self" on the wall, makes a deal with her: she helps him get into the basement, then Scott will teach her how to change back. Stiles lets her in on his situation and they eventually bond over their shared horrors, Stiles coming to care for Malia. Eventually Malia kisses Stiles, to his consent and they wind up sleeping together. Behind the wall, they find the Nogitsune's original host's body, a sheathed katana, and a photo. Afterwards, they are attacked by Oliver, Stiles' roommate, who is being controlled by the Nogitsune. Stiles lets the Nogitsune back in, in exchange for the Kitsune sparing Malia. Malia later prepares to leave Eichen House, intending to rescue Stiles. She eventually brings the sheathed sword and the photo to Scott. At the end of Season 3, Malia has started to learn to live as a human, enrolling at Beacon Hills High School and joining Scott's Pack.
In Season 4, Malia is continuing her romance with Stiles, with the Pack attempting to help her reintegrate back into society. Malia has a survival-of-the-fittest mentality, as shown when she was willing to leave Lydia behind when the Pack was held captive by the Calaveras. Nevertheless, Malia eventually proves to be loyal to her core and rather attached to Stiles stating she'd never leave him, and regularly sneaks into his house at night. Malia is struggling in learning control during the full moon. In "The Benefactor", Stiles stays with her on the full moon while she is partially transformed; he surmises she lacks control because of her guilt in what she did to her mother and sister. He relates to her because of the Nogitsune's possession of him. Malia perfects control at this. The Pack keeps Malia in the dark that Peter Hale is her biological father, to protect her from the sociopathic werewolf. But in "Weaponized" Malia discovers the truth when she sees she is listed on the Dead Pool as "Malia Hale". Malia is severely hurt and feels betrayed by Stiles keeping the information from her, straining her relationship with him. Malia meets with Peter, learning from him her real mother is known as 'the Desert Wolf'. Malia doesn't see herself different from Peter, he being a killer while she killed her adoptive mother and sister. In "Monstrous" after being almost killed and learning of Stiles' own near-death experience, Malia, with a push from Melissa, ultimately makes up with him, and at the Martin lakehouse they locate the computer servers that house the Dead Pool, and shut them down. On the mission to rescue Scott and Kira, Peter tries to coax Malia into unleashing her animal side in the fight against Kate and the Berserkers, but Malia sees Peter for the monster he is upon learning he was intending to kill Scott. Malia is pleased Stiles is looking into her biological mother.
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To everyone who has requested that I paint something for you, please be patient because I'm in school at the moment. So, I don't have a lot of time to paint these days. I will get to all the requests I have been asked to do all I ask is that you all just bare with me, and please be patient. 


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Derian Lopez
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Arguably, no artist grows up: If he sheds the perceptions of childhood, he ceases having fun and doing what he or she loves. Never grow up :)

okay, I really don't know what to write about, but I guess I'll start with the obvious. First off I'm pretty laid back and I'm funny. I'm a really nice guy once you get to know me and I'm a huge book worm. so, I'm really smart and according to most of my friends I'm unforgetable once you meet me. But, sometimes I can be a little annoying because I like to make people laugh and sometimes I try too hard to be funny which is when I get annoying. The sad part is I know this but I still do it and I have no idea why. oh, I'm taking summer classes at Georgia Perimeter College but it wouldn't be so bad if there were people there in the afternoon. I mean, the place is dead so I' spending my time in the computer lab on the computer...of course. Or in the library reading a book it's getting so bad that people are starting to think I live there. I know their kidding but still that is bad. I'm done venting for now so later.
Kyle XY Stamp by frotton :thumb60235919: MARVEL The Amazing Spiderman Stamp by TwilightProwler DC The Dark Knight Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Peter Parker Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Gwen + Peter Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Webslinging Spiderman Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Spidey Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Peter Parker + Gwen Stacy Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Gwen + Peter Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Peter + Gwen Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Thor + Hulk Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Hulk + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL The Avengers Group Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Black Widow + Explosion Stamp by TwilightProwler DC Batsuit Stamp by TwilightProwler DC The Dark Knight Rises Stamp by TwilightProwler DC Batman Begins Stamp by TwilightProwler Sad Stitch Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Elvis Stitch Stamp by TwilightProwler Deviously Pleased Stitch Stamp by TwilightProwler DC Batman's Gotham Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Cap + Shield Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Captain America Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Stamp by TwilightProwler DP: Danny Phantom Support Stamp by Gryphonia DP: Danny x Sam is Love Stamp by Gryphonia DP: Sam Support Stamp by Gryphonia :thumb267749096: Penny Penny Penny by SantaiIvy :thumb321295682: :thumb321295199:Fillmore Stamp by carrehzFuturama by phantomfuturama-forever stamp by futurama-foreverSmallville Stamp by josephhaubertCSI:NY Mac Stamp by snow-jemimaPsych by phantomPsych Stamp by MintChocolate2Psych quote stamp 4 by anime-girl13Psych quote stamp 3 by anime-girl13Psych quote stamp 7 by anime-girl13Psych quote stamp 5 by anime-girl13Psych quote stamp by anime-girl13:thumb60829017:Psych by ambisweetiepiePsych by TracePersopsych: so manly by AmayaMika:thumb362077611::thumb352436361::thumb353126290::thumb354864868::thumb357498111:My Spider-Man Stamp by conkeronine90's CARTOONS FAN stamp by RiniWonderlandMARVEL Gwen Stacy Stamp by TwilightProwler

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